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Meet Nancy

I am Nancy Skingle, a certified professional co-active life coach (CPCC) and an associate certified coach (ACC) through the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  I started my training in life experiences decades ago but have been formally trained with the Coaches Training Institute and have been coaching since 2013.

I am passionate about coaching because I see the value it adds to people’s lives.  Moving up a notch on the happiness quotient of life, whether it be in business or personal life, has a positive ripple effect on all aspects of one’s life.  Furthermore,  I believe one’s happiness plays a role in one’s overall health.  When asked why and what I do, my response is “I spark my client’s curiousity to dig within ultimately to know and choose the life they desire.  Having experienced the magic and freedom of self-knowledge, I’m all about raising the energetic vibration we bring to our world.  You and I, let’s start small and see how the ripples grow!”

To be a life-long learner is my goal and my path has led me here.  Most recently, I have embarked on a series of coaching courses including “Great Story Coaching” and “Emotional Mastery and Ego Mastery”.  I have continued studying in these areas in the years following my certification as a professional co-active coach.  Prior to this, I have a Bachelor of Commerce degree, I was a chartered accountant and recently retired from this designation, I have worked in financial planning and investor relations in the oil and gas industry, I have been involved in a dot com start up business, I have been a stay-at-home Mom and an avid Hockey Mom of three talented players.  I am loving my journey.

I am a philanthropist.  I support both my local community organizations and broader reaching organizations.  I am a believer in “people helping people”.

Nancy is synonymous with “activity enthusiast”.  I love hiking, biking, playing outdoor shinny, running, skiing, snorkeling, diving, tennis, golf, curling……. I’ll give most things a try.  Adventure and especially adventurous travel really juice me up.  My bucket list is long.

My life would not be complete without my three beautiful children and my extraordinary husband of 34 years – I love them all, immeasurably!