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Breakthrough to Your Great Life Program

I am excited to let you know about a new Coaching Program I am offering my clients.

Are you the author of your story? Or are you stuck in your story?

Have you ever wondered why you can’t quiet the “Gremlin” voices in your head or move past a negative career situation or pull the trigger on a dream you yearn to follow?

The Breakthrough to Your Great Life Program can help you get unstuck, so that you can move forward, into a more joyful and flourishing future, with the impact you crave.  By the end of this Program, you’ll understand the genesis of repeated self-sabotaging thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, and what you need to do to break those patterns, permanently.  Clients of this Program report feelings of freedom, relief and empowerment.

What You’ll Receive:

You will:

  1. Recognize when you are feeding a “Victim” or “Overcoming” story.
  2. Learn how to positively shift your energy, by using a framework of 21 human emotions.
  3. Understand the hand that you had in creating the results in your life to date. You will learn the 4-step Responsibility Model that allows you to make more empowering choices.
  4. Uncover your Emotional comfort zone – those emotions that you reach for time and time again and those you go out of your way to avoid – by creating an Emotional Timeline of your life.
  5. Identify a wounding event early in life that set in motion your unique Victim and Overcoming stories. These are the internal narratives that have played out externally, over decades, and kept you in the status quo.
  6. Return to a sense of wholeness. You will re-connect with the parts of you that have suffered in silence and have been marginalized.
  7. Reclaim your power. You will have the knowledge and tools to dismantle your Victim and Overcoming stories with confidence.

How It Works:

  • Pick the Package that suits you
  • Each coaching session is 60 minutes in duration.
  • Coaching sessions are conducted over the phone (unless other arrangements are made)
  • In between sessions, you will be expected to complete homework, including journaling, structured reflective exercises, visualization and audio learning.


The fee for the Breakthrough to Your Great Life Program is based on the coaching package you choose and is payable before our first scheduled coaching session.  I accept cheques or e-transfers to

 Great Life Coaching Packages:

  1. One-on-One:  Great Life coaching Package          $1,797
  • Pace and personalize your own “Great Life Journey” (generally 3-4 months)
  • 14 one-on-one coaching sessions (each session is 60 minutes in duration)
  • Receive instructional audio program and materials (valued at over $900)


  1. Journey with Like Minded Souls Package   $6,597
  • Split this package with four friends
  • Each participant receives 14 one-on-one coaching sessions (generally 3-4 months)
  • Each receives instructional audio program and materials (each valued at over $900)
  • Two 2 hour group sessions hosted by Nancy
  • One month of drop-in Yoga


  1. The Big Deal (Limited Spots and Time Only)             $7,997
  • 12 month journey that you can share with a friend
  • Each receives one-on-one coaching sessions (initial 14 one-on-one roughly 3-4 months, followed by one-on-one sessions every two weeks) for a year
  • Each receives instructional audio program and materials (each valued at over $900)
  • VIP day with Nancy
  • Two 2 hour group sessions hosted by Nancy
  • Each receives their choice of two sessions of Reiki/Bowen/Massage by a registered practitioner
  • Each receives one month of drop-in Yoga