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How Did Our Paths Cross?

Are you ready for a change (big or small)? Need motivation? Searching for clarity of your purpose? Looking for fulfillment? In a time of transition? Tired of negative self-talk? Feeling uninspired and in a rut? Wanting to shift your life positively along the happiness quotient?  If you answered YES to any of these questions, you have found the RIGHT person.

New for 2021

Vision Board Workshop: Energy Cycling Tool


Come and spend a fun interactive afternoon creating your own vision board of your “what I would love list”- a pictorial expression of what you want more of in life.  Deepen your desire and inspiration with a post workshop private vision board coaching conversation to further wallow in this list.  Stay posted for upcoming open group dates.

What Can Nancy do for YOU?

I am a Co-Active Life Coach.  Try a free sample session and discover how co-active life coaching can work for you.  Let’s see what’s possible.  Work with me to:

  • Clarify what really makes you tick
  • Prioritize what’s important for you NOW
  • Spark the motivation and inspiration that lies within you
  • Work through emotions that are keeping you stuck
  • Embrace and trust the momentum moving you forward towards your goals
  • Celebrate your success  🙂

Experience the magic of choice.  I invite you to make one now…… me.