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How Did Our Paths Cross?

Are you ready for a change (big or small)? Need motivation? Searching for clarity of your purpose? Looking for fulfillment? In a time of transition? Tired of negative self-talk? Feeling uninspired and in a rut? Wanting to shift your life positively along the happiness quotient?  If you answered YES to any of these questions, you have found the RIGHT person.

New Tools

Vision Board Workshop: Energy Cycling Tool


Come and spend a fun interactive afternoon creating your own vision board of your “what I would love list”- a pictorial expression of what you want more of in life.  Deepen your desire and inspiration with a post workshop private vision board coaching conversation to further wallow in this list.  Stay posted for upcoming open group dates.

What Can Nancy do for YOU?

I am a Co-Active Life Coach.  Try a free sample session and discover how co-active life coaching can work for you.  Let’s see what’s possible.  Work with me to:

  • Clarify what really makes you tick
  • Prioritize what’s important for you NOW
  • Spark the motivation and inspiration that lies within you
  • Work through emotions that are keeping you stuck
  • Embrace and trust the momentum moving you forward towards your goals
  • Celebrate your success  🙂

Experience the magic of choice.  I invite you to make one now…… me.